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advectionDiffusionBoundaryPostProcessor3D.h File Reference
#include "core/postProcessing.h"
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class  olb::ConvectionBoundaryProcessor3D< T, DESCRIPTOR >
 This class interpolates missing f_i from values near the boundary to get a more stable outflow condition for the density. More...
class  olb::ConvectionBoundaryProcessorGenerator3D< T, DESCRIPTOR >
class  olb::ExtFieldBoundaryProcessor3D< T, DESCRIPTOR, FIELD_A, FIELD_B >
 This class copies missing values in the external field from the neighbour in normal direction. More...
class  olb::ExtFieldBoundaryProcessorGenerator3D< T, DESCRIPTOR, FIELD_A, FIELD_B >
class  olb::ZeroDistributionBoundaryProcessor3D< T, DESCRIPTOR >
 This class resets some values of the distribution on the boundary that can have arbitrary values to be zero and thus ensures a correct computation of the density that is about to leave the domain. More...
class  olb::ZeroDistributionBoundaryProcessorGenerator3D< T, DESCRIPTOR >


namespace  olb
 Top level namespace for all of OpenLB.