OpenLB  1.5
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Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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\NolbTop level namespace for all of OpenLB
 |oNdetailImplementations of meta-collisions modifying a COLLISION template argument
 oNcpuImplementations of CPU specifics
 |oNsimdImplementations of vector CPU specifics
 |\NsisdImplementations of scalar CPU specifics
 oNdescriptorsDescriptors for the 2D and 3D lattices
 oNforcingDynamics combination rules for various forcing schemes
 | \NLaddVerberg
 oNfunctor_dslHelper functions for building functors via composition
 oNgpuImplementations of GPU specifics
 |\NcudaImplementations of Nvidia CUDA specifics
 | oNdeviceBasic wrappers of common CUDA functions
 | \NkernelCUDA kernels to execute collisions and post processors
 oNnamesDefine names as empty structs in order to enable calls like lattice(NavierStokes())