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Reply To: About particle floating


Dear Robin.Trunk

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.I’m sorry that I can’t reply you in time because of time difference.First,allow me to express my best respect for you.Although my English is not very good,I’ll try my best to express clearly.
As you mentioned,this time I changed the ratio of the density,and the orientation became more obvious.But the change seemed to be unreasonable.It’s necessary for me to make further adjustment on parameters.May I ask another two questions?I’m sorry to take up your time again.First I tried to build a complex floating particle by combining geometric primitives,For example,combining two or there spheres into another further complex particle.I’m not aware that if the class ”SmoothIndicatorIdentity” can help me out.And last,for further simulation,I want to simulate the particle floating through the water-oil interface,as initially the oil layer is laid on the water surface quitely.I have some ideas about building the water-oil interface,just like the example “RayleighTaylor3D”.But it’s a problem for me to consider the dynamic setting of the particle,such as acceleration.
Thank you sincerely.