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Re: Doubts – Prepare Geometry – Cylinder3d


Hi Alejandro,rnrnto 1) yes the initial material number is 0rnrnto 2) the extendedDomain Indicator object is the same as the stlReader, but enlarged by converter.getLatticeL(). So material number 2 represents the fluid and walls after the first rename, after the second rename the fluid domain is set to 1 and a layer of 1 cell thickness remains representing the walls.rnrnto 3) clean removes mainly single exposed voxels, if you want to know it in detail you can find the function in the Doxygen documentation 4) the addZeroVelocityBoundary is applied to material number 5, that defines the walls of the cylinder. The stlReader object is handed to the function since more information about the geometry are required for the computation.rnrnBest regardsrnRobin