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serializerIO.h File Reference
#include "core/serializer.h"
#include <ostream>
#include <fstream>
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namespace  olb
 Top level namespace for all of OpenLB.


void olb::serializer2ostr (Serializer &serializer, std::ostream &ostr, bool enforceUint=false)
 processes data from a serializer to a given ostr, always in parallel
void olb::istr2serializer (Serializer &serializer, std::istream &istr, bool enforceUint=false)
 processes an istr to a serializer, always in parallel
void olb::serializer2buffer (Serializer &serializer, std::uint8_t *buffer)
 processes data from a serializer to a given buffer
void olb::buffer2serializer (Serializer &serializer, const std::uint8_t *buffer)
 processes a buffer to a serializer