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analyticalBaseF.h File Reference
#include "functors/genericF.h"
#include "functors/analytical/indicator/indicatorBaseF3D.h"
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class  olb::AnalyticalF< D, T, S >
 AnalyticalF are applications from DD to XD, where X is set by the constructor. More...
class  olb::AnalyticalIdentity< D, T, S >
 AnalyticalIdentity stores vectors, result of addition,multiplication, ... More...
class  olb::AnalyticalTypecast< D, OldT, NewT, OldS, NewS >
 Perform explicit typecast for the arguments and results of functor. More...
class  olb::AnalyticalFfromIndicatorF3D< T, S >
 Converts IndicatorF to AnalyticalF (used for Analytical operands for Identity) More...


namespace  olb
 Top level namespace for all of OpenLB.


template<typename T , typename S >
using olb::AnalyticalF1D = AnalyticalF<1,T,S>
template<typename T , typename S >
using olb::AnalyticalF2D = AnalyticalF<2,T,S>
template<typename T , typename S >
using olb::AnalyticalF3D = AnalyticalF<3,T,S>
template<typename T , typename S >
using olb::AnalyticalIdentity1D = AnalyticalIdentity<1,T,S>
template<typename T , typename S >
using olb::AnalyticalIdentity2D = AnalyticalIdentity<2,T,S>
template<typename T , typename S >
using olb::AnalyticalIdentity3D = AnalyticalIdentity<3,T,S>