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superGeometryFaces3D.h File Reference
#include "superBaseF3D.h"
#include "blockGeometryFaces3D.h"
#include "utilities/functorPtr.h"
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class  olb::SuperGeometryFaces3D< T >
 Accumulates the discrete surface of indicated cells facing unit directions and returns the individual as well as the total surface in phys units. More...
class  olb::SuperGeometryFacesIndicator3D< T, HLBM >
 functor counts to get the discrete surface for a material no. and SmoothIndicator in direction (1,0,0), (0,1,0), (0,0,1), (-1,0,0), (0,-1,0), (0,0,-1) and total surface, then it converts it into phys units More...


namespace  olb
 Top level namespace for all of OpenLB.