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radiativeUnitConverter.h File Reference

Unit conversion handling – header file. More...

#include <fstream>
#include "io/ostreamManager.h"
#include "core/unitConverter.h"
#include "core/singleton.h"
#include "utilities/omath.h"
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class  olb::RadiativeUnitConverter< T, DESCRIPTOR >
 Conversion between physical and lattice units, as well as discretization. More...


namespace  olb
 Top level namespace for all of OpenLB.


double olb::getThetaRefracted (double const &thetaIncident, double const &refractiveRelative)
 Documentation of implemented functions found in 5.2.2 Biomedical Optics, Principles and Imaging; Wang 2007.
double olb::getFresnelFunction (double const &theta, double const &refractiveRelative)
double olb::R_phi_diff (double const &theta, double const &refractiveRelative)
double olb::R_j_diff (double const &theta, double const &refractiveRelative)
double olb::getRefractionFunction (const double &refractiveRelative)
double olb::getPartialBBCoefficient (double const &latticeDiffusionCoefficient, double const &relativeRefractiveIndex)
template<typename T , typename DESCRIPTOR >
double olb::getPartialBBCoefficient (RadiativeUnitConverter< T, DESCRIPTOR > const &converter)
template<typename T , typename DESCRIPTOR >
double olb::getRefractionFunction (RadiativeUnitConverter< T, DESCRIPTOR > const &converter)

Detailed Description

Unit conversion handling – header file.

Definition in file radiativeUnitConverter.h.