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descriptorTag.h File Reference
#include "core/meta.h"
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struct  olb::descriptors::DESCRIPTOR_TAG
 Base of a descriptor tag. More...
struct  olb::descriptors::tag::CATEGORY
 Base of all tags describing the category of a descriptor. More...
struct  olb::descriptors::tag::DEFAULT
 Implicit default category of normal descriptors. More...


namespace  olb
 Top level namespace for all of OpenLB.
namespace  olb::descriptors
 Descriptors for the 2D and 3D lattices.
namespace  olb::descriptors::tag


template<typename FIELD >
using olb::descriptors::is_tag_field = std::is_base_of<DESCRIPTOR_TAG, FIELD>
template<typename BASE , typename FALLBACK , typename... FIELDS>
using olb::descriptors::tag::field_with_base
 Returns first item of FIELDS type list that is derived from BASE.