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descriptorBase.h File Reference
#include "descriptorTag.h"
#include "descriptorField.h"
#include "core/meta.h"
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struct  olb::descriptors::FIELD_TUPLE< FIELDS >
 Tuple of abstract field declarations. More...
struct  olb::descriptors::PARAMETER_TUPLE< PARAMS >
 Tuple of parameters to concretize field declarations. More...
struct  olb::descriptors::CONCRETE_FIELD_TUPLE< PARAMETERS, FIELDS >
 Tuple of concretized field declarations. More...
struct  olb::descriptors::SPATIAL_DESCRIPTOR< D, FIELDS >
 Base descriptor of a d-dimensional system. More...
struct  olb::descriptors::LATTICE_DESCRIPTOR_BASE
struct  olb::descriptors::LATTICE_DESCRIPTOR< D, Q, FIELDS >
 Base descriptor of a D-dimensional lattice with Q directions and a list of additional fields. More...
struct  olb::descriptors::VALUED_DESCRIPTOR< T, DESCRIPTOR >
 Pair of base value and descriptor type. More...
struct  olb::descriptors::PARTICLE_DESCRIPTOR< D, FIELDS >
 Base descriptor of a particle system. More...


namespace  olb
 Top level namespace for all of OpenLB.
namespace  olb::descriptors
 Descriptors for the 2D and 3D lattices.


template<typename FIELD >
using olb::descriptors::is_data_field = std::integral_constant<bool, !is_tag_field<FIELD>::value>
template<typename TYPE >
using olb::descriptors::extract_valued_descriptor_t
 Return pair of base value and descriptor type declared by TYPE.