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fieldParametersD.h File Reference
#include "fieldArrayD.h"
#include <stdexcept>
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class  olb::ParameterD< T, DESCRIPTOR, FIELD >
 Storage of a single FIELD-valued parameter. More...
struct  olb::AbstractParameters< T, DESCRIPTOR >
 Dynamic access interface for FIELD-valued parameters. More...
struct  olb::ParametersD< T, DESCRIPTOR, FIELDS >
 Set of FIELD-valued parameters. More...
struct  olb::AbstractedConcreteParameters< T, DESCRIPTOR >
 Abstract base of ConcreteParametersD. More...
struct  olb::ConcreteParametersD< T, DESCRIPTOR, PLATFORM, PARAMETERS >
 Concrete storage of ParametersD in olb::Data. More...


namespace  olb
 Top level namespace for all of OpenLB.


template<typename T , typename DESCRIPTOR , typename OPERATOR >
using olb::ParametersOfOperatorD
 Deduce ParametersD of OPERATOR w.r.t. T and DESCRIPTOR.
template<typename DYNAMICS >
using olb::ParametersOfDynamicsD
 Deduce ParametersD of DYNAMICS w.r.t. its value type and descriptor.