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cuboidGeometry3D.h File Reference

The description of a vector of 3D cuboid – header file. More...

#include <vector>
#include <fstream>
#include "core/singleton.h"
#include "core/serializer.h"
#include "core/vector.h"
#include "io/ostreamManager.h"
#include "io/xmlReader.h"
#include "cuboid3D.h"
#include "cuboidGeometryMinimizer.h"
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class  olb::CuboidGeometry3D< T >
 A cuboid geometry represents a voxel mesh. More...


namespace  olb
 Top level namespace for all of OpenLB.


template<typename S >
std::vector< S > olb::getDataFromTag (XMLreader const &reader, std::string attrName, int nData)
 Helper Function to retrieve nData-dimensional std::vector of type S from space separated tag.
template<typename T >
CuboidGeometry3D< T > * olb::createCuboidGeometry (std::string fileName)
 Load CuboidGeometry from XML File.
template<typename T >
void olb::evaluateCuboidGeometryNeighbourhood (CuboidGeometry3D< T > &cuboidGeometry, std::map< int, std::vector< int > > &neighbourhood, int offset=0)
 Evaluate complete neighbourhood and store in std::map.
bool olb::checkCuboidNeighbourhoodConsistency (std::map< int, std::vector< int > > &neighbourhood, bool correct=false, bool verbose=false)
 Consistency check for neighbour retrieval.

Detailed Description

The description of a vector of 3D cuboid – header file.

Definition in file cuboidGeometry3D.h.