OpenLB 1.7
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olb::SuperIndicatorMaterial2D< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for olb::SuperIndicatorMaterial2D< T >, including all inherited members.

_blockFolb::SuperF2D< T, bool >protected
_cachedDataolb::SuperIndicatorF2D< T >protected
_ptrCalcColb::GenericF< T, S >
_superGeometryolb::SuperIndicatorF2D< T >protected
_superStructureolb::SuperF2D< T, bool >protected
cache()olb::SuperIndicatorF2D< T >
GenericF(int targetDim, int sourceDim)olb::GenericF< T, S >inlineprotected
getBlockF(int iCloc)olb::SuperF2D< T, bool >
getBlockFSize() constolb::SuperF2D< T, bool >
getBlockIndicatorF(int iCloc)olb::SuperIndicatorF2D< T >
getName()olb::GenericF< T, S >
getName() constolb::GenericF< T, S >
getSourceDim() constolb::GenericF< T, S >
getSuperGeometry()olb::SuperIndicatorF2D< T >
getSuperStructure()olb::SuperF2D< T, bool >
getTargetDim() constolb::GenericF< T, S >
identity_functor_type typedefolb::SuperIndicatorF2D< T >
operator()(bool output[], const int input[]) overrideolb::SuperIndicatorMaterial2D< T >
olb::SuperIndicatorF2D::operator()(const int input[])olb::SuperIndicatorF2D< T >
olb::SuperIndicatorF2D::operator()(int iC, int iX, int iY)olb::SuperIndicatorF2D< T >
SuperF2D< T, bool >::operator()(bool output[], const int input[]) overrideolb::SuperF2D< T, bool >
olb::GenericF::operator()(T output[], const S input[])=0olb::GenericF< T, S >pure virtual
olb::GenericF::operator()(T output[])olb::GenericF< T, S >
olb::GenericF::operator()(T output[], S input0)olb::GenericF< T, S >
olb::GenericF::operator()(T output[], S input0, S input1)olb::GenericF< T, S >
olb::GenericF::operator()(T output[], S input0, S input1, S input2)olb::GenericF< T, S >
olb::GenericF::operator()(T output[], S input0, S input1, S input2, S input3)olb::GenericF< T, S >
operator*(SuperF2D< T, bool > &rhs)olb::SuperF2D< T, bool >
operator+(SuperF2D< T, bool > &rhs)olb::SuperF2D< T, bool >
operator-(SuperF2D< T, bool > &rhs)olb::SuperF2D< T, bool >
operator/(SuperF2D< T, bool > &rhs)olb::SuperF2D< T, bool >
sourceType typedefolb::GenericF< T, S >
SuperF2D(SuperStructure< T, 2 > &superStructure, int targetDim)olb::SuperF2D< T, bool >protected
SuperIndicatorF2D(SuperGeometry< T, 2 > &geometry)olb::SuperIndicatorF2D< T >
SuperIndicatorMaterial2D(SuperGeometry< T, 2 > &geometry, std::vector< int > materials)olb::SuperIndicatorMaterial2D< T >
SuperIndicatorMaterial2D(SuperGeometry< T, 2 > &geometry, std::list< int > materials)olb::SuperIndicatorMaterial2D< T >
targetType typedefolb::GenericF< T, S >
~GenericF()=defaultolb::GenericF< T, S >virtual