OpenLB 1.7
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solverParameters.h File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include "io/ostreamManager.h"
#include "io/xmlReader.h"
#include "utilities/benchmarkUtil.h"
#include "names.h"
#include "utilities/typeMap.h"
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struct  olb::parameters::ParameterBase
struct  olb::parameters::SimulationBase< T >
 Base struct to keep the parameters that are necessary for the simulation. More...
struct  olb::parameters::XmlSimulation< T, LATTICES >
 All the simulation parameters are read directly from an xml file. More...
struct  olb::parameters::StationarityBase
struct  olb::parameters::Stationarity< T, STAT_LATTICES >
 All parameters that are necessary for checking whether the simulation became stationary. More...
struct  olb::parameters::OutputGeneral< T, LatticeLog >
 Structs to keep parameters which characterize the output. More...
struct  olb::parameters::OutputPlot< T >
struct  olb::parameters::ResultsBase
 Struct to keep results of the simulation in order to provide communication with other parts of the program. More...
struct  olb::parameters::ReaderBase< PARAMETERS >
struct  olb::parameters::Reader< PARAMETERS, TAG >
 Base struct for reading parameters from files. More...
struct  olb::parameters::Reader< OutputGeneral< T, LatticeLog >, TAG >
struct  olb::parameters::Reader< OutputPlot< T >, TAG >
struct  olb::parameters::Reader< SimulationBase< T >, TAG >
struct  olb::parameters::Reader< Stationarity< T >, TAG >
struct  olb::parameters::Reader< XmlSimulation< T, LATTICES >, TAG >


namespace  olb
 Top level namespace for all of OpenLB.
namespace  olb::parameters


template<typename PARAMETERS , typename TAG >
 olb::parameters::Reader (std::shared_ptr< PARAMETERS > params_, TAG tag) -> Reader< PARAMETERS, TAG >
template<typename PARAMETERS >
 olb::parameters::Reader (std::shared_ptr< PARAMETERS > params_) -> Reader< PARAMETERS, void >
template<typename PARAMETERS , typename TAG >
std::shared_ptr< PARAMETERS > olb::createParameters (XMLreader const &xml)
template<class parameters_map >
auto olb::createParametersTuple (XMLreader const &xml)