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olb::MpiRecvRequest Class Referencefinal

Non-blocking MPI receive request. More...

#include <mpiRequest.h>

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Public Member Functions

template<typename T >
 MpiRecvRequest (T *buffer, std::size_t size, int rank, int tag, MPI_Comm communicator)
 ~MpiRecvRequest ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from olb::MpiRequest
 MpiRequest ()
void start ()
void wait ()
bool isDone ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from olb::MpiRequest
MPI_Request _request
MPI_Status _status

Detailed Description

Non-blocking MPI receive request.

Definition at line 77 of file mpiRequest.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MpiRecvRequest()

template<typename T >
olb::MpiRecvRequest::MpiRecvRequest ( T * buffer,
std::size_t size,
int rank,
int tag,
MPI_Comm communicator )

Definition at line 80 of file mpiRequest.h.

82 {
84 buffer, size,
85 rank,
86 &this->_request,
87 tag,
88 communicator);
89 }
MPI_Request _request
Definition mpiRequest.h:33
void recvInit(T *buf, int count, int dest, MPI_Request *request, int tag=0, MPI_Comm comm=MPI_COMM_WORLD)
Initialize persistent non-blocking receive.
MpiManager & mpi()

References olb::MpiRequest::_request, olb::singleton::mpi(), and olb::singleton::MpiManager::recvInit().

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◆ ~MpiRecvRequest()

olb::MpiRecvRequest::~MpiRecvRequest ( )

Definition at line 91 of file mpiRequest.h.

91 {
92 //MPI_Request_free(&this->_request);
93 }

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