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AR – OpenLBar

OpenLBar is an Android app that allows you to view the results of OpenLB simulations in augmented reality.

In order to use the app you need to point your phones camera at the marker qr code. The simulation will then appear on top to of the marker in augmented reality. This marker can either be downloaded and printed out or you can use the marker at the bottom of this page.

On the top of the screen you can select which simulation you want to view. Once the simulation is loaded you can change the animation speed with the slider and the size can be influenced using the familiar pinch-to-zoom gesture.

March 27th 20220.2r1openLBar-0.2r1.apkA user guide has been added for the applications
March 5th 20220.2r0openLBar-0.2r0.apkmanual markerless geometry overlay ,
color legend for flow velocities,
cutting plane to remove CAD data
July 5th 20210.1r0openLBar-0.1r0.apkInitial release