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Tech. Reports

TR1: How to implement your DdQq dynamics with only q variables per node
A note on the storage of data in OpenLB. Memory is stored only once (no temporary memory is required for the streaming step), and is traversed only once (collision and streaming are executed simultaneously). olb-tr1.pdf

TR2: LB model with adjustable speed of sound
The speed of sound is not necessarily a lattice constant! This technical report refers to Chopard et al. to show how a BGK model with adjustable speed of sound is implemented. The corresponding dynamics is implemented as the OpenLB class ChopardDynamics. olb-tr2.pdf

TR3: BGK dynamics in which average density is time-independent
Depending on the boundary condition, mass is not always conserved in a LB simulation. This technical reports how the OpenLB class ConstRhoBGKdynamics can be used to reset the global density offset after each iteration. olb-tr3.pdf

TR5: Installing OpenLB in Windows 10/Ubuntu bash
Explaining how to run OpenLB using Windows 10 and Ubuntu bash olb-tr5.pdf Please, also check out the video uploaded by FetchCFD explaining how to install OpenLB on Windows 10 unsing Ubuntu Bash.

TR6: Configuring OpenLB on MacOS
Explaining how to configure OpenLB on MacOS. It has been tested with OpenLB v. 1.5 using MacOS 11.6. olb-tr6.pdf.

TR7: Installing CUDA for OpenLB
A quick guide explaining the steps to install CUDA, which is needed for OpenLB to utilize Nvidia GPUs. olb-tr7.pdf