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Rolling dices under water

four-way coupled LBM simulation using OpenLB

This video demonstrates “rolling dices underwater”. It shows two rigid cubic sedimenting objects inside a cubic domain enclosed by rigid walls on all sides. The simulations use the Homogenized Lattice Boltzmann Method (HLBM) [1] implemented in OpenLB for particle-fluid interactions and the novel discrete contact model [2] for both particle-particle and particle-wall interactions. Due to the efficient implementation, this simulation is feasible on any reasonably modern desktop computer.

Simulation & Visualization: Jan E. Marquardt, Nicolas Hafen

[1]: R. Trunk, T. Weckerle, N. Hafen, G. Thäter, H. Nirschl, & M. J. Krause, Revisiting the Homogenized Lattice Boltzmann Method with Applications on Particulate Flows. Computation, 9 (2021) 11.

[2]: J. E. Marquardt, U. J. Römer, H. Nirschl, & M. J. Krause, A discrete contact model for complex arbitrary-shaped convex geometries. Particuology, 80 (2023) 180–191.