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Spring School Program

The school will take place in Heidelberg, Germany at the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, Karlstraße 4, 69117 Heidelberg. Registration is at 8.30 am.

Option Beginners (B)

LBM Theory

09:00Opening, LBM for Application
Mathias J. Krause, Stephan Simonis
9:00: LBM for linear elastic solids
Oliver Boolakee
9:30: Progress in the Development of Lattice Boltzmann Methods for Solids
Henning Müller
10:00Coffee breakCoffee break
10:30Short Introduction by Participants
Organizers, Speakers and Participants
Turbulence Models for LBM
Stephan Simonis
11:30Introduction to LBM
Timm Krüger
LBM for Advection Diffusion (Reaction) Problems
Fedor Bukreev, Davide Dapelo
12:30Lunch breakLunch break
14:00Boundary conditions
Timothy Reis
Multi-Phase and Multi-Component Flows
Halim Kusumaatmaja
15:00(Non-)Dimensionalisation in LBM
Timm Krüger
Particulate Flows
Jan E. Marquardt
16:00Coffee breakCoffee break
16:30Construction and Analysis of LBM
Francois Dubois

Efficient Parallel Implementation
Adrian Kummerländer

17:30Poster session and dinnerFree, optional:
Introduction to linux terminal (15 min),
help desk in order to get OpenLB running on your laptop

OpenLB Software Tutorial

09:001 Introduction
Basic concepts, Functors, Performance, Validation
3.2 Prepare geometry
Functors, Meshing, Material Numbers
Exercise 2: Prepare geometry
Advanced models I
Online Documentation, Doxygen
10:00Coffee breakCoffee breakCoffee break
10:302 Preliminaries
Introduction to Linux Terminal, OpenLB Setup, Paraview & VTK
3.3 Prepare Lattice
Descriptor and Dynamics, Fields
Advanced models II
Exercises 5: Particle Laden Flows I 
Exercises 6: Particle Laden Flows II
Exercises 7: Free Energy Model
11:303.1 Initialisation
XML Interface, Unit Conversion,
Exercise 1: Initialisation
3.4 Main Loop with Timer
Time Measurement, Convergence Check
Closing (12:00)
12:30Lunch breakLunch breakLunch break
14:00Social event / excursion3.5 Initial and Boundary Conditions
Boundary Objects, Dynamics, Types
Exercise 3: Boundary Conditions
Tutorial: Applying and developing OpenLB
15:00Social event / excursion3.6 Collide & Stream
LBM Algorithms, Execution Coupling, Collision, Streaming
Option 1:
OpenLB for Applicants: Work on Your Own Application
16:00Social event / excursionCoffee breakOption 2:
OpenLB for Developers: Implement Your Own LB Model
16:30Social event / excursion3.7 Computation & Results
Console Output, Functor Application
Exercise 4: Get Results
19:00Spring school dinner

Option Advanced (A)

Monday to Wednesday: Experienced applicants and developers are supervised by tutors to solve their own application problems and/or implement their own LBM. Thursday and Friday: They work independently, though discussions with the tutors are always welcome.

You will also participate in the Short Introduction by Participants on Monday at 10:30, social event, poster session, dinners and all coffee as well as lunch breaks with all other attendees.