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Spring School Program

LBM Theory

09:00Opening, LBM for application
Mathias J. Krause, Paweł Madejski
Turbulence models
Stephan Simonis
10:00Coffee breakCoffee break
10:30Short introduction by participants
Organizers, Speakers and Participants
An Introduction to Mesh Refinement in LBM
Helen Schottenhamml
11:30Introduction to LBM
Timm Krüger
Fedor Bukreev, Johanna Mödl, Robert Straka
12:30Lunch breakLunch break
14:00Boundary conditions
Taehun Lee
Multi-Phase and Multi-Component Flows
Tawhun Lee
Timm Krüger
Particulate Flows
Nicolas Hafen, Jan E. Marquardt
16:00Coffee breakCoffee break
16:30Analysis of LBM
Stephan Simonis

Efficient parallel implementation
Adrian Kummerländer

17:30Poster session and dinnerFree, optional:
Introduction to linux terminal (15 min),
help desk in order to get OpenLB running on your laptop

OpenLB Software Tutorial

09:001 Introduction
Basic concepts, Functors, performance, validation
3.2 Prepare geometry
Functors, meshing, material numbers
Exercise 2: Prepare geometry
Advanced models I
Online documentation, Doxygen
10:00Coffee breakCoffee breakCoffee break
10:302 Preliminaries
OpenLB setup, VTK output, Paraview, documentation
3.3 Prepare lattice
Descriptor and Dynamics, fields
Advanced models II
Exercises 5: Particle laden flows I 
Exercises 6: Particle laden flows II
Exercises 7: Free energy model
11:303.1 Initialisation
XML interface, unit conversion,
Exercise 1: Initialisation
3.4 Main loop with timer
Time measurement, convergence check
Closing (12:00)
12:30Lunch breakLunch breakLunch break
14:00Social event / excursion3.5 Initial and boundary conditions
Boundary objects, dynamics, types
Exercise 3: Boundary conditions
Tutorial: Applying and developing OpenLB
15:00Social event / excursion3.6 Collide & Stream
LBM Algorithms, Execution coupling, Collision, Streaming
Option 1:
OpenLB for applicants: work on your own application
16:00Social event / excursionCoffee breakOption 2:
OpenLB for developers: implement your own LB model
16:30Social event / excursion3.7 Computation & Results
console output, Functor application
Exercise 4: Get results
19:00Spring school dinner