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The OpenLB project provides a C++ package for the implementation of lattice Boltzmann simulations that is general enough to address a vast range of problems in computational fluid dynamics. The package is mainly intended as a programming support for researchers and engineers who simulate fluid flows by means of a lattice Boltzmann method. The source code is publicly available and constructed in a well readable, modular way. This enables a fast implementation of both simple applications and advanced CFD problems. It is also easily extensible to include new physical content.

The architecture of the code has been designed in the hope that it can be adapted easily to different problems of computational fluid dynamics. If you have written some extensions and think that they are of general interest, you are encouraged to submit them for a future inclusion into the project. Such external contributions are stored in a separate experimental branch and included into the main branch after a validation process. For this to happen, they must meet several needs that are explicited in the documentation page for developers.

If you like to put up your contributions or join the OpenLB team, please contact us!