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Rayleigh Benard

2D and 3D Rayleigh Benard thermal convection

The bottom is heated with a small pertubation at the center, at the top a constant lower temperature is applied and at the side the heatflow is assumed to be periodic.

You can find the source code as OpenLB example at “/examples/thermal2d/rayleighBenard2d.cpp” with parameters Rayleigh=1e+8, Prandtl=1, N=100 and dt=0.0001.

You can find the source code of the 3d version on the OpenLB website ( as example at “/examples/thermal3d/rayleighBenard­­3d.cp­p” in a very similar setup.

More information:

Contributed by Peter Weisbrod, Orestis Malaspinas and Mathias J. Krause.