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Reply To: Permeability Calculation Poiseuille


Dear Fabian,

thanks for the Reply. Unfortunately i am not that deep into the Topic so far… My Problem may rather sound trivial but it is the following:

I use pressure BC for the inlet in the poiseuille2d example and after the main Loop i just evaluate the mean velocity in order to calculate the Dary law, e.g. the permeability.
The Problem occurs now if i set FlowType=unForced, DESCRIPTOR = D2Q9Descriptor and apply the inlet pressure BC as hard Parameters, ie. 100 Pa at the inlet and 10 Pa at the outlet.
Then the Simulation just breaks because with the given Parameters i get for all Parameters like uMax=inf, avEngergy=-nan, avRho=nan etc.

Any idea how to fix that simple example?

Best regards,