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Reply To: Implement Gravity in Shen Chen model


Dear Max,

Sorry that I didn’t express myself clearly. I would like to test whether the system can reach equilibrium without gravity. So the middle of the domain is filled with oil and the rest part of the domain is filled with water. I set the same density for oil and water. If I use the following code, the system should reach the equilibrium but unfortunately, it didn’t. Would you think that the following codes are correct for the constant pressure boundary at both inlet and outlet?
Also, a very small question, do we need add ” sLatticeWater.addLatticeCoupling(superGeometrytest, 3(inlet), couplingtest, sLatticeOil ) for the inlet and outlet.

Thank you.

slatticeOil.defineRho(supergeometry,3(inlet),zero) (not sure whether we need to set the pressure for oil is zero)
(applied in each step)