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Reply To: Problem in example code porousPoiseuille2d


Dear Dr. Mathias,

I think the channel width in simulation is correctly set. In spite of the convergence problem, there are still a few other forcing problems.

I used these commands to output the forces:

SuperLatticeGuoZhaoPhysBodyForce2D<T, DESCRIPTOR> bodyForce(sLattice, converter);
SuperLatticePhysDarcyForce2D<T, DESCRIPTOR> darcyForce(sLattice, superGeometry,1 ,converter);
SuperLatticeField2D<T,DESCRIPTOR,olb::descriptors::FORCE> FORCE_field (sLattice);

The body force outputted is 10, however the imposed body force is 10000. The output Darcy force is always zero. The external force “olb::descriptors::FORCE>” is also not matching.

Junwei Guo