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Reply To: About particle floating


Dear Zhangshi,

for all your plans the current version of OpenLB needs to be extended as it is not fully supported right now.

== Combining Primitives ==
While SmoothIndicatorIdentity is what you are looking for, it does not support the full range of functionality yet. It rather works like for the other indicators and combines it by shape to depict the object in the simulation. But calculations for the mass and moment of ineratia of the new object are still missing which will lead to unphysical behaviour. So this would need to be added to SmoothIndicatorIdentity.

== Floating in a oil layer ==
For such a simulation you also need a multiphase approach. In the current version there is no cobined dynamics supporting particulate flow combined with a multiphase approach. You somehow need to couple the FreeEnergyDynamcis with the PorousParticleDynamics of HLBM and also need to modify the external acceleration as the bouyant forces change dependent on the density of the surrounding fluid. However currently this is set globally.

Best regards