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Reply To: Something about settlingCube3D


Dear Robin,
Thanks for your reply.For first problem,it seems that the RPM in my computer is not really enough.I‘ll change another one.
For stl files,I have some trouble for code programming.
I read the user guide.But I only found the usage of stlreading in geometry preparing.I have no idea how to use stlreading to build a particle.This is a really important and confusing point for me.Could you give me some guidance?
I wonder if the following codes are necessary for this.

IndicatorCuboid3D<T> cuboid(extend, origin);
 CuboidGeometry3D<T> cuboidGeometry(cuboid,      converter.getConversionFactorLength(), 7);
 HeuristicLoadBalancer<T> loadBalancer(cuboidGeometry);

Thanks for your patience.