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Reply To: Something about settlingCube3D


Dear robin,

Thanks for your patient answer.I’m sorry for asking for advice too often.
It seems a hard work for me to make an attempt on creating a new SmoothIndicator,but I’ll think about trying this way.You suggest that I shoulduse an existing SmoothIndicator as a blueprint.
Do you mean that I should just use some simple smoothIndicators for simulation,such as smoothIndicatorCuboid? Or try to combine these geometric primitives with a more complex one?
By the way,I’ve build a oil-water surface with the help of you.And I was baffled by how to set the change of the acceleration when the particle arrived the oil.
You are so kind for answering so many questions for me.I don’t know how to express my gratitude.If I could post my problems more easier on forum,I’ll have more time to solve problems by myself with your guidance,rather than just ask for advice.