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Reply To: SmoothIndicatorEllipsoid3D


Dear Junwei,

before answering your questions, I want to inform you, that we are planning on releasing a new version of OpenLB (v1.4) next month. This version will fortunately include a SmothIndicatorEllipsoid3D, which you might use instead of your own implementation. Nonetheless I am going to refer to your questions in the following:

The operator is the core function used in the functor concept. It expects an input in lattice coordinates and will eventually return a value, which is to be specified in the operator function’s body and usually depends on the input itself. This enables a simple way of implementing e.g. mathematical functions, filters or masks, which can be applied to your calculation domain. For any further questions regarding the functor concept, please refer to section 2.5 in the official OpenLB user guide.