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Reply To: Approximate Deconvolution Method


Hi Stephan,
I tried to uncomment everything belonging to the ADMdynamics in the /src/dynamics/smagorinskyBGKdynamics.* and /src/functors/lattice/turbulentF3D.* files. I get although several errors by compiling. Mostly missing declarations and (i guess…) an error on line 75 of the smagorinskyBGKdynamics.hh, namely:

T uSqr = lbHelpers<T,DESCRIPTOR>::bgkCollision(cell, *cell., cell[velocityBeginsAt], omega);

Is the passed *cell. variable correct??
The variable missed from the compiler (velocityBeginsAt and rhoIsAt) are in this and in the next line (statistics.incrementStats(*cell[rhoIsAt], uSqr);).

I’ll try to fix the problem in the next days, in case you have any suggestion, please let me know…