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Reply To: Using addWallFunctionBoundary


Hi Marc,

Thanks for the summary, it did help me a lot. I think I nearly got it all working now, but I’m having an issue with the WallFunctionForcedD3Q19Descriptor. For some reason I can’t compile my code with that specific descriptor. I get the following error

error: ‘opposite’ is not a member of ‘olb::descriptors::D3Q19<olb::descriptors::AV_SHEAR, olb::descriptors::TAU_W, olb::descriptors::TAU_EFF, olb::descriptors::FORCE, olb::descriptors::V12>’

If I chose a different descriptor (say D3Q19), then it compiles fine, but it will produce a segmentation error, presumably because the wall function boundary is not working properly without the proper descriptor. Is there something I’m missing with the wall function descriptor?


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