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František Prinz

Hi Julius,

thank you for your reply, it helped me to relise the differences between multiphase and multicomponent flow. But I stuck in problem with the non-dimensionalisation. I wanted to perform the Young-Laplace test to evaluate the surface tensions but I don’t know how to get the dimensioned number because in that case there is no velocity. The conversion factor I used are density and viscosity which is hidden in the omega. But there are three SI unit: kg, m and s. When I now can use various radia for the droplet and I get different gammas. For one radius I get the gamma about 70 N/m which is about 1000 times higher than for typical fluids. Do you know, what to change to get the gamma in the right order or if there are any mistakes in my thoughts?
One more problem I fall into are the omegas in the multicomponent flows for both lattices. In the example rayleighTaylor2d are the omegas the same for both lattices, but what to do, if the kinematic viscosities for both fluids are different? Can I use different values for both? I tried some numbers out but the simulation was unstable.
The implemenatation of the Li’s force etc. I also want to do but first I must understood the fundamentals of the model.