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František Prinz

Hi Julius,

thank you for the reply, I think I get the unit conversion for this problem. But there appear another questions if I could ask you for help.

1.) I ran the Young-Laplace test to messure the pressure and get the surface tension. In my simulation however varies the calculated pressure far away about 200 l.u. from the droplet of radius 12 l.u. from 0.359973 to 0.359982 on a line of 50 l.u. at 10000 time steps. Could you get if this is a normal state or am I doing something wrong? I mean that the calculated surface tension would have than a high deviation and is depending on the exact position which you use outside the bubble.

2.) Do you know how to implement the MRT operator into the ShanChen model? I tried to find something like ShanChenMRTdescriptor but there isn’t anything in the doxygen and use the standard ForcedMRTdescriptor is not working too.

3.) Are open boundary conditions like velocity inlet or pressure outlet implemented for the ShanChen model? I have not found anything in doxygen.

I am really grateful to you for every answer which helps me moving forward.