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Hi Frank,

1) I am also currently working on simulating the Young-Laplace test. I’ll get back to you when I have my results.

2) In OpenLB there is no SC MRT operator. You can make your own MRT descriptor by adding the tag::MRT to your descriptor. As far as I know the standard Forced MRT operator uses the Gou forcing scheme which is notoriously bad for the pseudopotential method. I am currently working on implementing Li’s MRT for D2Q9. If you have problems with high spurious currents, try using a thicker phase interface.

3) All OpenLB boundaries technically work with the pseudopotential method. Using a pressure BC also sets the density and as such the phase. There is also a hidden away convection BC in OpenLB which is as far as I know meant to be used in combination with advection diffusion dynamics but works with normal dynamics as well.
Also relevant is my question here: