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Reply To: Turbulence in closed space


Hi Stephan,

Thanks for your advise.
This is a slice I obtained when I visualise the geometry using the vtk file, instead of the stl used as an input:

Screenshot-from-2020-11-14-21-13-53<br />site png<br />

If I understand correctly, could it be that the geometry is inverted, and that diffusion is possible only inside the sphere and the walls?
If this is the case, how can I invert the materials? Setting the inside of the sphere and the walls as solid material, and allowing diffusion in the space between the sphere and the walls?
at the moment, after importing the stl file, I got

superGeometry.rename( 0, 2, indicator );
superGeometry.rename( 2, 1, stlReader );

which I believe is setting the materials for the stl file.

Thanks for your help!

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