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Reply To: Turbulence in closed space


Dear all,

Thanks to your help I have been able to build my showcase.
I am still missing one functionality though, which is to retrieve the velocity at one point in space. Is there a method like Get3DVelocity({x, y, z})?

I also encountered a problem when running an OpenLB example with OMP.
On a 74 cores / 144 threads computer (centos, Red Hat 4.8.5), the nozzle3d example took 3 times longer with OMP enabled than without OMP, while still using all the 144 threads at 100% during the whole simulation.
Has anybody ever faced this issue? How can it be solved?
I tried using MPI and the runtime was 19 times quicked using MPI than no parallel mode.
However, I unfortunately can not (easily) use MPI for my own simulation, which is why I would like to use OMP.

Thanks in advance for your help!