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Reply To: Reversed Magnus effect


Hi Robin,

you are absolutely right. This means that falling down ball which rotates counter-clockwise will lean right as seen in the video. This means that everything is fine with your code, if original rotation matrix is used. Just by manipulating the rotation matrix I introduced an error and got lost with what is correct outcome of the Magnus effect. Somehow I thought that the falling ball in front of itself increases the density of media it falls in. Thus, by rotating counter-clockwise the ball at the bottom moves more media particles to rihgt than to left at the top. Therefore, do to 3rd Newtons’s law, the ball should move left. But that is obviously wrong. Bernoulli effect at the sides of the ball is lager. I just ignored it and thus predict wrong behavior. Somehow I was convinced that I am correct and was able to convince my colleges that I am right.

Sorry for wasted time!

Best regards
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