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Reply To: Turbulence in closed space


Hi Adrian,

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer.

I updated to OpenLB 1.4 on my small system (6 cores / 6 threads) and noticed an improvement when using OMP. When running the nozzel3D example on 1.3 the speedup was around x1.4 while it is now around x2.9 when using 1.4.
I couldn’t try yet on the bigger system (72 cores / 144 threads) unfortunately, but will try as soon as possible. As using OMP on this big system was increasing the run time (taking 3 times longer), it will be very interesting to see if the 1.4 version improve the situation.

With version 1.3, when running the nozzel3D example with MPI, the speedup was about x19 on my big system (72 cores).

However, when trying to build my own simulation with olb 1.4, I now have a compilation error

In my own simulation, OpenLB is compiled as a shared library (using the -fPIC cxx flag), and the simulation code is outside of the olb-1.4r0 folder. This wasn’t a problem with OpenLB 1.3, but I guess it is now due to the relative address used to include functors3D.h in particleOperations3D.h.
Do you know how I can solve this issue?