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Reply To: Turbulence in closed space


Hi Adrian,

I’ll keep you updated as soon as I can try running OpenLB examples with OMP on the cluster!

Changing the angle brackets for quotation marks solved the issue. My simulation using OpenLB as a shared library (so outside of OpenLB folder) is working good now.
In this simulation, I encapsulate the OpenLB simulation inside an other simulation framework (the BioDynaMo framework).

In brief, I run the main (BioDynaMo) simulation that will call OpenLB every x time steps. Information from the BioDynaMo simulation are used to construct, initialise and run the OpenLB simulation. Results from The OpenLB simulation are then transmitted to BioDynaMo in order to update it, run it a number of time steps before calling OpenLB again. This loop is repeated several times to complete the main BioDynaMo simulation.
We run the whole process inside a docker container for better control of the environment and for repeatability.

I use the precompiled mode of OpenLB for the shared library, yes.