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Reply To: IndicatorCuboid2D : Need extra Explanation


Thanks Stephan for your answer.
The answers were complete and satisfactory. Doing this LBM project is a self-interest rather than a project at work or university and of course a self-study. The code in the question is from the examples in OpenLB and I will definitely try to avoid including any code in questions in future and make it minimal.
Regarding the origin, I thought it was the left bottom corner of the rectangle but I could not make sense of the rest of the code. I need to study a bit more I guess.
I use vim+xolox’s easytags + ctags for finding relevant data/tags/files in a project but I did make the doxygen doc and it has helped me a couple times.
The facilities in OpenLB makes it an attractivbe choice for doing my project.
I do not know the rules of the forum but if you think this question is redundant or unnecessary please remove it.
And again, thank you for the answers.
Kind Regards,
Amir Toosi