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Reply To: IndicatorCuboid2D : Need extra Explanation


Update to Previous Question:
I can confirm that the operations on Indicators mentioned in the UserGuide-1.4 section
12.7.5- venturi3d is not working at my end to be exact (lslisting) the code in page 148 of
the document.
1-Are these operators on geometries removed from OpenLB or is it an error on my end?
2-If they are removed, are there any alternatives?
3-If these errors are related to my implementing them since I am using the official userguide, if
possible, I would like to a see a simple working example of these operation by any of the OpenLB users.
4-If there are new or other ways of manipulating 2D primitive geometries in OpenLB, please teach me.

King Regards,
Amir Toosi