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Reply To: IndicatorCuboid2D : Need extra Explanation


Thanks, Adrian. After the points you and Stephan made , I realized I need to study OpenLB step by step while I am studying OpenLB’s user guide and sometimes hacking into the examples and changing parameters and etc. to get a better understanding of it.
My end project is simulating a melting solid in a chamber (cylinder) . I wanted to make it simpler for myslef so I decided to look at a 2D circle first. So right now, I am changing a bit of examples/thermal/galliumMelting2d/galliumMelting2d.cpp.
I decided to change geometry of the said example as below:

`std::vector<T> center(2,T());
center[0]= lx + converter.getPhysLength(1);
center[1]= lx + 0.5 * converter.getPhysLength(1);
IndicatorCircle2D<T> circle(center,lx);

`std::vector<T> extendwallleft(2,T(0));
extendwallleft[0] = converter.getPhysLength(1);
extendwallleft[1] = 2 * lx + converter.getPhysLength(1);
std::vector<T> originwallleft(2,T(0));
originwallleft[0] = 0.0;
originwallleft[1] = 0.0;
IndicatorCuboid2D<T> wallleft(extendwallleft, originwallleft);`

`std::vector<T> extendwallright(2,T(0));
extendwallright[0] = converter.getPhysLength(1);
extendwallright[1] = 2 * lx + converter.getPhysLength(1) ;
std::vector<T> originwallright(2,T(0));
originwallright[0] = 2 * lx + converter.getPhysLength(1);
originwallright[1] = 0.0;
IndicatorCuboid2D<T> wallright(extendwallright, originwallright);`

lx is radius of the circle and is 2.5 cm (25e-3).
And I also changed lx in ThermalUniConverter converter declaration in main from lx to 2 * lx.
And also prepared geometry in main as below:

std::vector<T> extend(2,T());
    extend[0] = 2 * lx + 2*converter.getPhysLength(1);
    extend[1] = 2 * lx  + converter.getPhysLength(1);
    std::vector<T> origin(2,T());
    IndicatorCuboid2D<T> cuboid(extend, origin);

The last part I changed was coupling declaration, I changed lx to 2*lx also ly to 2*lx.

I get no error when I am compiling the programm and programm is getting executed as well. The problem is avEnergy value is always zero and is not changing .
I know that walls are not really optimal to initiate the boundaries for a circle 2d but I wanted to make sure that I ma going in the right path? or do I need to change the way I look at the problem?
I would appreciate it if you could point out my mistakes.
Kind Regards
Amir Toosi

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