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Reply To: IndicatorCuboid2D : Need extra Explanation


To another OpenLB and LBM lost soul who wanders here, hey what’s upp? road is long and we have to continue. SO if you are like me , a person who is casually interested in LBM and simulation world with superficial knowledge in cpp and LBM and simulation in general; take note of 3 things:
1- Have better knowledge of Cpp RAII and smart pointers in general . I never cared for smart pointers and I always managed my memory manually. So you better start learning. (de-referencing does work on these folks)
2- I am summarizing and taking notes of everything as I am going through them and will put them in repo
and post it here after I am done. I hope it will be slightly better userguide for less fortunate ones like myself.
3- If you are interested in learning from each other as we go along , please contact me : and my github repo :