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Reply To: Advection-Diffusion Dirichlet Temperature BC

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Dear Mathias,

At the inlet I define bulkdynamics, use setAdvectionDiffusionTemperatureBoundary and finally ADlattice.defineRho(superGeometry,inlet,T_hot); where T_hot is an AnalyticalConst3D. For the NS lattice, I set the velocity using setInterpolatedVelocityBoundary.

Following your suggestion of resetting the temperature, I added the following to the function setBoundaryValues:

void setBoundaryValues( ThermalUnitConverter<T, NSDESCRIPTOR, TDESCRIPTOR> const& converter,
                        SuperLattice3D<T, NSDESCRIPTOR>& NSlattice,
                        SuperLattice3D<T, TDESCRIPTOR>& ADlattice,
                        int iT, SuperGeometry3D<T>& superGeometry)

  int iTmaxStart = converter.getLatticeTime( maxPhysT*0.2 );
  int iTupdate = 100;

  if ( iT%iTupdate == 0 && iT<= iTmaxStart ) {
    AnalyticalConst3D<T,T> T_hot(Thot);
    ADlattice.defineRho(superGeometry, 3 , T_hot);


With this routine I haven’t noticed any changes, I still see a decrease in temperature at the inlet from timestep 2 onwards. However, I may not be doing the reset appropriately.

Thank you for your time,