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In a sense, I could solve the issue.

I tried modifying the dynamics I was using for the case above (the one which failed to maintain the 1.5 temperature value). The dynamics of the case currently not working are ForcedPSMBGKDynamics+TotalEnthalpyAdvectionDiffusionTRTdynamics with TotalEnthalpyPhaseChangeCouplingGenerator3D.
What I noticed from the Stefan Melting and Gallium Melting example is that with the defineRho function, the temperature value is set, and not the enthalpy (which is the “rho” for this model). In the past, when I tried to impose the hot enthalpy at the inlet, the temperature values didn’t make sense. That is the reason why I am directly defining the temperature with a 1.5 value currently.

Now I tried with the combination of ForcedBGKDynamics+AdvectionDiffusionBGKdynamics with NavierStokesAdvectionDiffusionCouplingGenerator3D. The temperature value 1.5 at the inlet is maintained throughout the simulation.

From this I am suspecting that there is an issue associated with the previous two dynamics, used for solidification and melting.