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Reply To: Unit conversion


Thanks for your reply and I have another question.

I’m looking at bstep2d. I find that the thickness of the import boundary is 0, but the thickness of the export boundary is certain. What’s the difference between the two methods? The code is attached below.

Vector<T,2> extendBC_out( 0 + 1.*converter.getPhysDeltaX(),heightChannel );
Vector<T,2> extendBC_in( 0, heightInlet );
Vector<T,2> originBC_out( lengthChannel – 1.*converter.getPhysDeltaX(),0 );
Vector<T,2> originBC_in( 0, heightStep);

IndicatorCuboid2D<T> inflow( extendBC_in, originBC_in );
// Set material number for inflow
superGeometry.rename( 2,3,1,inflow );

IndicatorCuboid2D<T> outflow( extendBC_out, originBC_out );
// Set material number for outflow
superGeometry.rename( 2,4,1,outflow );