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Reply To: Advection Diffusion D3Q19 Boundary Condition


Dear Mathis,

thanks for the explanation.

The problem with high Re for scalar transport via ADE on its own (or high Peclét in that case) appears to be increased for non-smooth initial conditions (e.g. transporting the initial condition with very little diffusion: one layer of cells at boundary have concentration 1, other cells concentration 0).
Is this the case in your application?
From my experience, simply switching to D3Q19 will not do the trick then.

To approximate the ADE in that case, you could use an improved finite difference method ( or use a limiter for the LBM (

ELB will help you for high Re NSE, although I am not familiar with the benefit for non-smooth initial conditions in high Pe ADE. In case you make any progress in that direction please let me know!