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Reply To: Extract Lattice data


Hello Adrian,
I would like to save the material no besides the corresponding lattice points. You mentioned earlier to pass the lattice locations to the superGeometry. I don’t understand on how to implement it. I found two code snippets related to this in the source code. I would really appreciate any suggestion on this matter.


template<typename T>
461 std::unique_ptr<SuperIndicatorF2D<T>> SuperGeometry2D<T>::getMaterialIndicator(
462 std::vector<int>&& materials)
463 {
464 return this->getIndicator<SuperIndicatorMaterial2D>(
465 std::forward<std::vector<int>>(materials));
466 }
468 template<typename T>
469 std::unique_ptr<SuperIndicatorF2D<T>> SuperGeometry2D<T>::getMaterialIndicator(int material)
470 {
471 return this->getMaterialIndicator(std::vector<int> { material });
472 }

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,