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Reply To: Physical to Lattice time


Hello Mathias,
Thank you for your response. I used two ways to declare the values:
1) const T
2) size_t (as done in the code)

Why use size_t over const T declaration? I get the same values. I understand the rounding part as you suggested.

Here is the code snippet I tested with

cout<<“The physical simulation time is “<<maxPhysT<<endl;
size_t lattice_time = (maxPhysT/converter.getConversionFactorTime()+0.5);


const T lattice_time = maxPhysT/converter.getConversionFactorTime();

cout<<“The Lattice time is “<<converter.getLatticeTime(maxPhysT)<<endl;
cout<<“The Lattice time is “<<lattice_time<<endl;

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Abhijeet D. Chodankar