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Reply To: SuperLatticePhysHeatFlux3D


Dear vaillant,

I don’t know how the additional factor arises exactly, but it looks similar to the one that arises in the Chapman-Enskog expansion for ADE (cf. Krüger, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-44649-3, eq. (8.35a)). There, this factor expresses the difference between numerical and original diffusion and it might have been corrected in that functor.
For further information, you may search for the Chapman-Enskog expansion for thermal ADE or maybe contact the authors of the mentioned paper.

As for the second question, there seems to be no difference: In OpenLB 1.4, the computeJ method computes the heat flux + T * u (cf. RegularizedHeatFluxBM::computeJ), an additional summand which is subtracted again when computing the functor.


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