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Hello Nicolas,

Thank you for your answer.
The image of the previous post is the temperature in a Poiseuille flow, and the way I am outputting the temperature is the following :

SuperLatticeField3D<T, TDESCRIPTOR, TEMPERATURE> temperature(ADlattice);
 temperature.getName() = "temperature";
 vtmWriter.addFunctor( temperature );

To add clarity to the issue, I ran a case that is only divided into two subblocks.

In one figure, a slice of the pipe is shown. You can see that at the midlength of the pipe, the temperature has a strange output, so does the enthalpy. The velocity field and pressure do not have any issue. In the remaining two figures I show each of the subblocks separately. You can still see the issue in each block at the merging point.

I tried doing Resample to Image but I still have issues when I do line plots at the centerline of the pipe and on the slices.
Thank you in advance,

Ramiro Freile